Sinann Dy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sinann Dy Photography (Sinann Dy Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT Sinann Dy Photography: Blog 120 31 Details, Details Ever since I took up photography, I started stalking following other photographers who inspire me, hoping to get good ideas on angles, details, and posing from them.  While some people may have an Amazon wish list, I have a photographers wish list!  A local wedding photographer I follow is Isabel March Photography.  One day while browsing her blog, I discovered she was offering a free workshop called "It's All in the Details."  I thought it would be a great experience to meet one of the photographers I follow and learn from her!  Plus, I know my attention to details in pictures could use a little work, so what a great opportunity!

The class was full but Isabel was gracious enough to still fit me in.   I thought I'd be the only one who didn't do wedding photography, doesn't do photography full time, or hasn't had years of experience.  To my surprise, that was not the case!  All the girls I met were friendly and excited to learn.  Isabel was a fantastic teacher who kept us engaged and laughing the whole time!  I want to get engaged/married just so I can book her... in two years since that's how full her schedule is!!!  

I feel like I've been in a photography slump lately. While this class wasn't related to portraits or posing, it inspired me to want to pick up my camera more and focus on more than just faces!  I can't wait to go out and do my next session!  

Here are some shots from the wedding details that Isabel set up in her studio!

This wedding invitation is fake but boy is it done well!!  



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Apples & Pumpkins Last weekend, my friend and her family came to meet up with me for a morning of apple picking followed by lunch at Victory Brewing Company. Visiting the apple orchard with a couple of spunky kids definitely calls for few cold ones at the brewery!   We started off at Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA as that was only about 10 minutes from Victory.  This was my first time picking apples and I had no idea this gem of a location existed so close to me.  The orchards were mostly picked through as it was late fall, but we were still each able to pick a half peck bag (and now I know what a half peck looks like AND what a half bushel looks like).  The kids had a great time running through the VERY long aisles of apple trees and playing in the pumpkin patch.  Below are just a few of the fun photos from this weekend!




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Surprise! It's a Wedding! Recently, I was asked to shoot an engagement party that turned out to be a surprise wedding for the guests.  What a great idea!  Lauren and Mike got engaged early this year and wanted to surprise their friends and family with a wedding that was more fitting of their fun and easy going personalities. The party happened at Southern Cross Kitchen in Conshohocken, so everything had a bit of a southern feel to it, including the extra warm July weather! The cocktails flowed with lemonade and bourbon while the hors d'oeuvres included lobster mac & cheese, fresh fruit, and southern spring rolls.  Mason jars, hydrangeas, and touches of burlap added to the super cute and comforting atmosphere of the upstairs bar and restaurant area at Southern Cross Kitchen. 

Needless to say, all EIGHTY-some guests were shocked and excited after they realized they were actually there for a wedding.   It was intimate and perfect and to sound absolutely cliche, you could feel the love from everyone at that ceremony who were nothing but happy to be sharing in that moment with Lauren and Mike.  There were huge smiles all around and definitely a few not-so-dry eyes! 

While I don't know if I could ever pull something so huge like this off, I give them props for being able to keep it a secret for so long!  This was one wedding no one will forget! 










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A Longwood Christmas Yesterday I visited Longwood Gardens with my friend and her two blue-eyed boys.  Although we've never selected a particular date to meet up, we've been meeting up at Longwood for three years now since her first son was a baby!  So it's sort of developed into our little tradition.  It's always nice to catch up with a friend and watch the kids get excited for new things.  And it's even better when you're catching up at beautiful location!  Longwood Gardens has their conservatory and outdoor gardens set up for Christmas now so everything is festive and lit!  We got there a little after lunch so made it in before the mad rush of people.  We stayed till early evening... long enough for the lights to turn on and for the boys' energy levels to turn off! 

The first "tree" below reminds me of a fancy themed wedding cake...

And I had to do a montage because there were just way too  many photos! 




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Marathon and Puppy A few weeks ago, I went to support my friend while he ran the Philadelphia Marathon.  It was his first marathon!  Two years ago, he wasn't a runner.  Now, 80lbs less and feeling great, my friend just finished his first marathon in 4:58 hours.  Not bad for a beginner!  We were so proud of him and I was happy to run around Manayunk and Philadelphia to cheer on his great accomplishment!   Heck, I can't run a quarter mile without taking a break! 

After a celebratory lunch of traditional Philadelphia cheesesteak, we said our goodbyes as our friends started back on their trek home to Brooklyn.  We had someone else to visit... this time, smaller and peppier!  Meet Amber... an 8-week ball of cuteness!  Now say it with me.... "AWWWWWWW!"  



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My First Pumpking Carving Experience After spending most of my life in the US, you'd think I'd be so acclimated to American culture that I've done everything there is possible to being American and celebrating the (at least Christian) holidays.   Well, I've painted Easter eggs probably twice in my life... Mother's Day and Father's Day are just days where I call my parents... Christmas is a family day with limited presents... Thanksgiving is a day for lots of turkey and Cambodian food.   So needless to say, I've NEVER carved a pumpkin in my life... until this weekend.    My friend, the doctor, came to visit this weekend and we tried to pack in as many fall activities as possible...

But first, we had to go to the pumpkin patch!

And you need some cider to go with your pumpkin carving, so what's more perfect than pumpkin cider??


We only gave ourselves 45 minutes to carve 2 pumpkins before we had to leave to drop off the doctor at the airport.  She had to go back to Columbus.  :-(  This is how I felt about that...

After the airport dropoff, we came back to clean up and roast the seeds (melted butter and TONS of Tastefully Simple Seasoning Salt... may have been a little overkill, but oh well)!  I'm so glad we did two pumpkins because I can't get enough of them.  And finally.... our finished work!  Not so bad for the first pumpkins I ever carved!    


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A Perfect Fall Day This weekend, I met up with two friends of mine and their adorable cherubic 10 month-old baby boy.  Baby W was such a sweet little guy and I couldn't get over those fun red curls of his!  So what better season to photograph this cutie than autumn?   We met up at Kids Castle in Doylestown so he could have some swing time.  Let me just say.... I was a bit jealous of the kids because this was no ordinary playground.  The castle was 8 child-size stories high!  With it being a warm autumn day, the place was crowded with kids and picnicking families.  We still managed to find some spaces for photographs though!  I look forward to continue photographing this cutie as he grows up!






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My Little Blue-Eyed Buddies This weekend, one of my best friends from my hometown came to visit me for my belated birthday.  She brought her two adorable kids with her and we went and did some photos since her little guy just turned 2 a month ago.  Big sis absolutely LOVES getting her pictures taken and she is always a ham in front of the camera.  There was no doubt I'd get nothing but fabulous photos with her.  As for the other little dude.... we had to chase him a lot!  But when I got him to sit and smile and laugh, it was definitely golden!  Love and envy those blue-green eyes of his!  Is it possible to be jealous of a 2 year-old?  Why yes... yes it is.





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Cats galore I had a photo shoot for the animal rescue calendar today for two cats, one the owner had adopted and a second one that she fostered.  Prior to visiting, I knew she fostered lots of cats for the rescue (87 in the last three years to be precise), but I had no idea it was more than a few!  A few turned out to be 10 total!  I think it’s great that she’s giving these cats a temporary home while they wait to be adopted.  Shooting the calendar and designing it is about as far into volunteering I get so I admire people like her who can give up so much of their own time to help others in need, whether they be humans or animals!   So here, are a few photos of my visit with Kipling, Blossom, and Katie. 

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Finntastic This week, I met Finn.... a 6 year-old Husky-Retriever mix.  He and his mommas were the latest addition to our Cares4Pets calendar shoots.  Finn just got his end of summer haircut and greeted me at the door with lots of excited barking.  I never expected to meet a golden husky, but he was absolutely one of the most gorgeous dogs I have ever met.  We went to the backyard of their little Philadelphia neighborhood backyard where the ladies had a nice vegetable garden growing.  I tried to take photos of Finn on the grass but apparently, this city dog is not too fond of grass!  He definitely preferred the concrete of the patio and was rather camera shy.  But after, several doggie treats later and multiple bug bites (for yours truly), we were able to get some wonderful glamour shots of Mr. Finn and his loving mommas.  

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A Big Happy Puppy Yesterday, I had my second photoshoot for Cares4Pets’ 2013 calendar.  This is Chance, a 90-some pound hunk of a dog.  He was adopted by Mike & Amy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Amy, but Mike was so good with Chance!  He told me that the poor guy came to Cares4Pets by way of New York.   When they got him he was 20-some pounds, with a crooked tail, and tore up everything in their house.  Well… looking at this dog now, he is nothing but perfectly well behaved and a giant huggable pup! 


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And Wedding Season Continues... February was Costa Rica… and March explodes with a slew of wedding-related events. First up… Cortney’s beach-themed bridal shower at Springfield Country Club. Apparently, we weren’t the only bridal shower at the place… there was even a very creepy Michael Jackson impersonator lurking around at one of the other events there.   Sadly, we couldn’t work up the nerve to convince him to make a cameo at our shower.   It would have made for some interesting photos for sure.  As one of the bridesmaids, I lucked out of typical shower duties like recording gifts or putting away trash.  I got to take photos!  YAY!  So here are a few from the day…



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Appreciating Wedding Photography.... At the beginning of February, I went to Costa Rica for one of my coworker’s wedding as a second photographer.  While the wedding day itself kicked my butt, it was a great experience and a fun time!   And the location definitely helped!  



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Happy Hallmark Holiday While out at the grocery store yesterday, I noticed a ton of men doing their last minute shopping for their Valentines… overpriced roses, cheesy cards, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  Blah.  

Since the girls were coming over for dinner, I decided to try out a new box of pasta we had gotten back around Christmas.  I love using my friends as guinea pigs and hope that I don’t poison anyone every time I cook.  So far, no one’s died from my dinners so I guess I have a pretty good success rate.   I ended up cooking butternut squash ravioli in a creamy sage butter sauce with sauteed chicken (also marinated in fresh sage, olive oil, and garlic marinade).  On the side I broiled some asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette & garlic-infused olive oil.  Everything took 15 minutes to cook so it was the fastest dinner ever!  And since everyone seemed to go for round two, I guess I did ok.  I didn’t get a photo of my creation last night, but it was just as good leftover for dinner tonight!

And yes, I was too lazy to bake dessert this time, but that’s what we have Wegman’s for.

I did end up getting a silly heart-shaped box of chocolates after all… I wonder if it’s a coincidence that I got the Asian-themed Valentine.  Hmph.

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My Photography Facebook Page! My Photography Facebook Page!:

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