As the one that's normally BEHIND the camera, I'm not used to having it aimed at ME. So this is me, laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. But I guess it's only fair to have a photo (or four) of myself on here too...

Ever since I was given my first camera at 9 years old (hot pink, 110mm film - remember those?), I had an instant love for taking photos. A few years ago, I discovered the magic of a DSLR camera... I still have lots to learn but in the meantime, I'm enjoying photographing those genuine moments with lots of smiles, laughter, and even the occasional tears.

Outside of this photography thing, I am a full time science dork... white labcoat and all. Like a true nerd, I love to read. I also travel as much as I can and cooking is my other creative outlet (it is practically impossible for me to cook a small meal). I have a wonderfully large extended family and a fabulous group of friends who all patiently deal with having a camera in their faces most of the time. Fortunately for me, they are all super supportive of my adventures in photography!

So for those of you who have allowed me to photograph you and your family, a BIG THANK YOU for being so awesome, trusting, and generous with your unwavering support! I look forward to photographing many more memories!